... We are craftsman of silicon and wood, metal and wire, of  lines of code and fine lines....


Analog Hybrid Synthesizer in Desktop or Eurorack

Beta Prototype Shown


Nucleaus Desktop 1.jpg

The next step in voice architecture;

  • Osc 1: Discrete Saw Core with Wave-folding  & PWM

  • Sub Osc 1 with variable waveshapes

  • Osc 2:  Discrete Saw Core with PWM, Sync and FM

  • Osc 3:  Digital wavetable, Karplus Strong + Noise 

  • 3 input Digital Ring Modulator

  • 8 Pole Multi-Mode Dual Peak Filter

  • VCA with soft and hard clipping distortion

  • 4 ADAHSR Envelopes with variable shape 

  • 3 LFO with key-sync and delay

  • Modulation Adders, multipliers, lag, contouring....

  • Full MIDI interface

  • User-selectable CV In and Out

  • 100 user patches and built-in standard patches

  • Over 50 Modulation sources

  • Over 35 Destinations (all simultaneous)

In Desktop or Eurorack

Launching August 2021

Next Step:      The Poly-keys Version

Expandable from 4 to 8 voices.

Gigantic wall of sound;

  • Uses the Voice Card of the Nucleus!

  • 4 to 8 voices, with all the features listed above

  • 5 Octave FATAR keyboard with Aftertouch

  • 64 step 2 channel sequencer can act as a modulation source to over 100 parameters!

  • Additional knobs and switches for more direct live control.

  • Inboard power supply ( no wimpy wall wart).

  • Built in Digital Effects

Hand-crafted instruments Stradivarius would be proud of... and Rick Wakeman would leave his Minimoog for.