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Customizable Polyphonic Analog Hybrid Synthesizer

iliad logo Rev E.png
iLIAD 3.jpg
Not what we want...
... But what YOU ask for.

That's right.  The ILIAD shown here is just the starting point of your custom synthesizer.  It's based on the no-holds-barred Nucleus Voice Engine, which puts massive modulation and sound design under the hood, but you decide how many, the panel colors, graphics, keyboard size (or no keyboard), joystick, or mod wheels, and we build each one special to order.

Of course, you can just buy this beauty.

Iliad expands on the Nucleus by bringing more performance features to the front panel with 68 knobs, 41 buttons, and over 70 LEDs. 


Patch memory is expanded to 500, in 10 banks of 50.

Iliad adds an Arpeggiator, Drone mode, easy Patch Favorite access, additional modulation destinations and Macro knobs to blend up to 4 parameters simultaneously.  Then there is the 24-bit DSP FX section with full modulation capabilities over  size, depth, speed mix and drive.

You Tube Demos.jpg
Illiad Version.png

Front Panel with immediate access to every major feature without menus

Illiad Nucleus 4-37-FX Synth.png


Would you like white and red better? 
5 octaves?  8 voices?    What else?

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