... We are craftsman of silicon and wood, metal and wire, of  lines of code and fine lines....

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The Voice Engine inside it all...

It's what's inside that counts...

You hear this all the time but is still so often it is true.* 


Inside these instruments is a powerhouse of discrete, unique, complex no-holds-barred analog and digital circuits that pay homage to both Moog and Buchla style synthesis while adding several decades of new ideas and tech.

But we pay our respect to these greats not by copying or reproducing their achievements.  We say let them have their place in history.  But like all other advancements, we stand on their shoulders to build on and thus reach beyond what has already been done.

                                                                                                                                  * But we like the outside too 

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Eurorack with Nucleus.jpg


Desktop or eurorack module.  Releasing at Knobcon 2022 

Illiad Nucleus iRig Pro 2 FX Synth 1.png
Illiad Nucleus 4-37-FX Synth 3.png
Illiad Nucleus 4-37-FX Synth.png


4-Voice poly prototype to be shown at Knobcon 2022


8 voice expandable polysynth concept based on the Nucleus voice engine

Hand-crafted instruments Stradivarius would be proud of... and Rick Wakeman would leave his Minimoog for.